Replacing Headlight Motor Diodes

If you have one (or two) headlights that don't go up or down properly, a possible problem are the two diodes mounted on each headlight motor.

They can easily be replaces with common 1N400 diodes avaiable from any electronics shop. I would like to say Radio Shack but here in Canada, Radio Shack no longer carries electronic components.

  • Unplug the motors from the wiring harness - you might want to label the connectors
  • Remove the three bolts that hold the motor in place
  • Detach the pivoting arm that operates the light assembly
  • Pull out the motor assembly
  • The diodes are embedded in the green paint which can be scrubbed off with a wire brush

  • Use a soldering iron and pliers to remove the old diodes
  • The new diodes must be mounted in the correct orientation
  • The new diodes will have a white/silver band on one end
  • The diodes mounts with the 'band' on the motor side of the connection. That is, the wire is soldered on the 'black end' of the diode and the other lead from the diode solders to the lug on the motor.

  • I then used some 'Shoo Goo' adhesive to hold the diodes in place against the motor assemble.

    Lindsay Thachuk